Famegirls Ella Set 117
Published by Mumu on April 26th, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Ella Set 117

Famegirls Ella Set 117

It's sometimes hard to believe that a girl as beautiful as Ella gets to be photographed naked. Her latest set is a really beautiful one. Ella is doing a usual thing, being sexy and all. First I liked the black outfit, it compliments really nicely her beautiful silk skin. Plus the trousers really brings out her amazing legs. The whole set is shot in one of those cottage, outside the window we can see snow, which makes me think that now that spring is here in Russia, we probably don't have much of those left. And at the end, Vlad has moved outside while Ella is standing, naked, at the window and I love how the cold russian sun brings out her beautiful skin. Ella is truly a work of art.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Ella Set 117

Ella's Next Set:

Famegirls Ella Set 118

Ella has an upcoming live chat on April 30th at 20:00 Moscow time.

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Fun Facts About Famegirls Isabella
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Here are some fun facts about the new girl over at Famegirls, Isabella. I wanted to wait until after her first set was released to post this, but I'm currently in the Live Chat with her and decided to post it now. I also called it earlier, she does in fact speak English. You can tell she is foreign with an ancient, but she speaks full English and is talking freely with everyone in the live chat. Anyways, here are her Fun Facts!

Questions on the left, answers on the right in italic.

  • Right-handed or Left-handed? - right- handed
  • Do you wear contacts or glasses? - contacts
  • Piercings? - only earrings 
  • Favorite Food? - smoothies
  • Do you drink? - on holidays 
  • Do you smoke? - no
  • Favorite holiday? - New Year's Eve
  • Favorite season? - fall
  • Favorite music? - the neighborhood
  • Favorite TV Shows? - "scrubs " (I don't watch tv in fact)
  • Favorite movies? - Gatsby
  • Favorite sports? - hockey
  • Favorite color? - dark red
  • Favorite numbers? - 12, 11, 7
  • Favorite flower? - gerbera
  • Any pets? - 1 dog, 2 cats , 1 turtle and 12 fishes
  • How big is your bed? - it's for 1 person
  • Grilled or Fried? - boiled
  • Boxers or Briefs? - boxers
  • Morning person or night person? - night person 
  • Pizza or Pasta? - pasta
  • Jeans or a dress? - dresses
  • Be rich or be happy? - be happy
  • Shower or bath? - shower
  • Family or friends? - friends
  • Kiss or hug? - hug
  • Chocolate or vanilla? - chocolate
  • Dogs or cats? - dogs
  • Are you afraid of the dark? - no, I don't
  • Are you afraid of flying? - have never tried 
  • 3 things you can’t live without? - books , shower, parks
  • What did you want to be when you were a child? - I wanted to be an architect

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Famegirls Monica Video 68
Published by Mumu on April 25th, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Monica Video 68

Famegirls Monica Video 68

Personally I didn't enjoy yesterday's set that much, but today's video is pretty fun and quite different from the rest of the usual Fame Girls production. Nice breath of fresh air. It starts with Monica taking a shower but we're only focusing on her feet (and that sure is going to make somebody here happy-happy), then she comes down for breakfast in her PJs, but wearing some sparkling high heels, because that's not weird at all, but it's fun. After finishing her breakfast, Monica changes into her outfit for the set and starts to pose. We can see camera flashes and there is even a sound effect for the shutter, more than likely added in post production. We can actually see somebody, probably Vlad, very briefly, in the background, all blurred out. That probably means Jane is the camera operator. After that, Monica goes back upstairs to take another shower, but gets out of it completely dry even if she still takes the time to use the towel. And then proceeds to her bed.

Because of those strange things the video felt very much alive and feels a bit apart from the others. It almost feels like they wanted to shot something silly and fun, not to be taken seriously and I like how they're trying to explore new territories rather than just rely on more explicitness. A little bit of everything is always a good idea and there is no reason sexy can't go with funny. Plus Monica smiles a lot and looks like she's  having fun rather than looking her usual serious (and maybe bored) self. This is a good video, nice job!

Sample Video: Famegirls Monica Video 68

Monica's Next Video:

Famegirls Monica Video 69

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Famegirls Monica Set 70
Published by xsnred on April 24th, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Monica Set 70

Famegirls Monica Set 70

If you're looking for pussy, you've come to the right place.  Panties in pussy, panties to the side of pussy, pussy galore, pussy and butt hole, pussy from the front, pussy from the back, pussy above, pussy below. Pussy being touched, ass spread showing pussy. Ladies and gentleman, there is a lot of pussy in this set, and a nice pussy it is. Oddly enough, my favorite picture is number 92, showing no pussy, just a gorgeous face and two hard, large, round, pointy nipples.  There is no doubt that Monica wants you to know that she has a pussy, and what a wonderful pussy it is.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Monica Set 70

Monica's Next Set:

Famegirls Monica Set 71

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Famegirls Foxy Video 16
Published by Mumu on April 23rd, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Foxy Video 16

Famegirls Foxy Video 16

Very lovely and simple video from Foxy this week. It opens on a simple idea: Foxy's shadow on the wall beside a empty leather couch. And when she enters the frame, she starts doing her thing she's been doing recently. Stripping a touching herself gently. Like yesterday's set, I really loved the outfit, it's simple and sexy, those kind of loose shorts have this power on me, hiding her things but showing promises full of sexy. Not much to the video, but there is an intimate feeling to it that makes it enjoyable. That and the idea of the shadows, it's a nice touch.

Sample Video: Famegirls Foxy Video 16

Foxy's Next Video:

Famegirls Foxy Video 17

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Upcoming Famegirls Live Chats
Published by webmodelsindex on April 23rd, 2015 - in Site Updates

Upcoming Famegirls Live Chats

There will be a live chat with Audrey and Foxy together on April 24th at 21:00 Moscow time. Then on April 26th at 21:00 Moscow time, there will be the first live chat with the new model Isabella.

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Famegirls Foxy Set 16
Published by xsnred on April 22nd, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Foxy Set 16

Famegirls Foxy Set 16

I wanted to write a review for this set but then I decided against it because I wouldn't be fair to Foxy because of my disappointment with Vlad, so I was just going to wait for someone else to  do the review and just make my comment. Then I figured, Hell with it. I gave the set a 3 on FG site because of the ridiculously repetitive poses. Foxy gets a 5 but the poses pissed me off. I haven't seen any other site that uses so many of the same poses in one set. This has been one of my pet peeves with Vlad through the years. Now, I love the fact that Foxy poses very erotically and is not afraid to show her wares, and very nice wares they are. She looks luscious in her poses and takes her work seriously. She has come along quicker than any other model on FG. Great looking girl in a horrible repetitive set.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Foxy Set 16

Foxy's Next Set:

Famegirls Foxy Set 17

I just want to point out that Mumu did write a review for this set, and although it was a nice review, I went with xsnred's because it's awesome when he stirs shit up. :P

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Famegirls Audrey Video 37
Published by Mumu on April 21st, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Audrey Video 37

Famegirls Audrey Video 37

As I suspected, the video version of yesterday's set is indeed hotter. It is actually one of the most erotic video produced at Fame Girls to date and surprisingly not too explicit. In this video, Audrey goes upstairs to her room to find an eager and waiting Jane in her red tights. Follows a little game where Audrey is tied up and blindfolded while Jane runs her hands all over her body. That's about it. Jane is present throughout the video and since we never see her face, Audrey is shot mainly in close ups and body parts, which make for a very intimate video. It's a little bit like we see everything from Jane's point of view and understandably, we can't keep our hands off Audrey's body. Maybe it's my bias towards Audrey, but I found the video almost too short but very well edited, there is a lovely progression  throughout and it feels like a real story rather than just a vague montage of random-ish shots like we can have sometimes. Absolutely beautiful and hopefully we'll have more Jane in the future, with Audrey or any other model.

Sample Video: Famegirls Audrey Video 37

Audrey's Next Video:

Famegirls Audrey Video 38

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Famegirls Audrey Set 37
Published by Mumu on April 20th, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Audrey Set 37

Famegirls Audrey Set 37

Those who were expecting another hot bondage theme set featuring Jane are going to be disappointed: she's barely in the set. She only appears during the third page and we don't get to see much from her. It's still a good set, I really loved the colors and the brightness of it. It's actually unusual to have such bright colors with something like bondage. It's very light bondage, but there is this idea of a girl, looking innocent but not shy of experimenting in the bedroom. So Jane comes in very late in the set to play with Audrey's undies. We get to see her in tights with a matching red color. During that section, Audrey is blindfolded and I think that's what I preferred in the whole set. She was blindfolded too for the her first duo set with Foxy and I liked it. That girl was born to wear blindfolds. Overall pretty good set, but I expect the video to be hotter for some reason.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Audrey Set 37

Audrey's Next Set:

Famegirls Audrey Set 38

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Famegirls Ella Set 116
Published by xsnred on April 19th, 2015 - in Model Updates

Famegirls Ella Set 116

Famegirls Ella Set 116

Nothing like a blonde Ella wearing a short black jacket and black boots in the snow, which makes for a nice contrast. Obviously Ella slowly removes her jacket and panties giving some delicate tease and great facial expressions throughout. She is a little more conservative in this set showing her "naughty bits", as WMI would describe them. My favorite photo in this set would be 116, where her beauty is just phenomenal. There are a few photos where she is on her back with her legs wide open which face the forest. What I wouldn't give to be in that forest with a pair of binoculars. Just an over all calm and conservative set from Ella which should make all of her fans happy.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Ella Set 116

Ella's Next Set:

Famegirls Ella Set 117

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